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Oil Skimmer KL 05-100

Oil skimmer are deployed everywhere there, where there should be separated non-emulsified oils and particles of pollution from process liquids. 

Primary the KL 05-100 is used for the purification of refrigerants and lubrications for metal processing machines and alkaline degreasing baths. It appertains also for the purification of process fluids which have free oils floating on the surface. 

Features of the KL05-100

  • Capacity up to 5 liters per hour
  • All parts which get in to contact with the medium, are made from chemical resistent materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully automatic service 
  • Easy and trouble-free to install
  • Medium-Temprature up to 90°C
  • Easy to handle and high storage capacity through a separate collection container
D.I.L. Ölskimmer beseitigen wirkungsvoll Oberflächenöle von Flüssigkeiten